Atoms and Subatomic Particles

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Which subatomic particle gives mass to an atom?


What is the function of neutrons in an atom?

Providing mass to the atom

What is the atomic number of an element?

The number of protons in the nucleus

What is the relationship between the atomic number and the number of electrons in an uncharged atom?

They are equal

What does the periodic table display?

A tabular display of chemical elements

What determines the element to which an atom belongs?

The number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus

Which of the following statements about metals is true?

Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity.

What do the elements in a group of the periodic table have in common?

They have similar chemical properties and are responsible for identical trends.

Which category of elements can be described as intermediate in their properties?


Why are semiconductors extremely important in computers and other electronic devices?

Because they have intermediate properties between metals and nonmetals.

What do the periods in the periodic table represent?

The number of shells an element has.

Which statement best describes the periodic law?

It states that the properties of elements exhibit a periodic dependence on their atomic numbers.

What is a characteristic of nonmetals at room temperature?

They are (usually) poor conductors of heat and electricity.

Why are the groups in the periodic table responsible for more significant trends than periods?

Because they have the same number of outermost electrons.

What is one reason why a group with the same number of outermost electrons will have similar chemical properties?

"Because elements within the same group show similar chemical properties"

What is one characteristic of periods in the periodic table?

They represent the number of shells an element has

Test your knowledge about atoms, subatomic particles, and atomic structure with this quiz. Learn about the characteristics and composition of atoms, as well as the roles of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

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