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What did Shivaji establish and strengthen?

Mathiratha Empire

Which classmate built a mary.DELL Date.Page according to the text?


What did Shivaji conquer and build to strengthen his empire?


What did Shivaji initially focus on conquering to establish his empire?


What empire did Shivaji begin with?

Mathiratha Empire

What was the patron of learning interested in?


Which field was NOT mentioned as an area of interest for the patron of learning?


What did the patron of learning set up many of?

Astronomical observatories

What was the main focus of the patron's interest in learning?


Where did the patron set up various facilities related to his interest?

In astronomical observatories

Who put together a small army to conquer territories and forts?


What was the purpose of putting together a small army according to the text?

Administer territories and forts

What did 'shimolid' successfully achieve with the small army?

Conquering territories and forts

Who was involved in the administration of territories and forts?


Which action did 'shimolid' not take with the small army?

Retreating from battles

Who controlled the Maratha Empire from 1713 to 1761?


What does the term 'cespina' mean?


Who captured territories from the Mughals?

Maratha Empire

When did Balaji Lishwanath capture territories from the Mughals?


Who became powerful after Shingji's death?


Who defeated the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1918?

Balaji Bajit Rac

Which territories did Balaji Bajit Rac force Mysore and Hyderabad to cede?

All salsette and Bassein

Who was responsible for the defeat of All salsette and Bassein?

Balaji Bajit Rac

Which kingdom was mentioned as being forced to cede territories?

Nizam of Hyderabad

What did Balaji Bajit Rac achieve in relation to the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1918?

Defeated the Nizam of Hyderabad

Test your knowledge on a patron of learning who was particularly interested in astronomy and set up many astronomical observatories.

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