Assessing Employee Attributes

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Which concept is more likely to aid retention than avoiding or hiding challenges?

Engaging with challenges

What is the term used to describe creating strong links to people and/or activities?

Job embeddedness

What can you offer employees that is hard to replace, according to the text?

Perceived organizational support

What is the term used to describe how you can help employees fit their job into their lives?

Job embeddedness

What is the key skill mentioned in the text that involves designing a structured interview guide?

Designing a structured interview guide

Which personality trait is associated with higher job satisfaction?


What is the sweet spot in terms of personality traits?

Having a balance of personality traits is better

Which of the following statements about personality traits is true?

Personality traits can change over time through development and intervention

What is counterdispositional behavior?

Behavior that is accidental and unintentional

What are the four key attributes that Google looks for in job applicants?

General cognitive ability, leadership, Googleyness, and role-related knowledge

Which of the following is NOT one of the 'Big Five' personality traits?


What is a concern associated with the MBTI?

Lacks scientific rigour

What is the purpose of the mid-course evaluation on

To assess what was learned in the class

What can happen when good intentions to accommodate differences go wrong?

Accommodations become ineffective

What is the purpose of the quiz on selection and retention?

To assess what was learned in the class

Which of the following is NOT a factor that determines why employees leave?

Lack of job security

What is the main purpose of exit interviews?

To learn what contributed to employee dissatisfaction

What is the main purpose of stay interviews?

To check in with employees and address leave risks

What is the recommended way to improve hiring according to the text?

Evaluate based on pre-defined criteria

What is the main benefit of tech-assisted hiring?

De-biasing recruitment and selection procedures

"Assessing Employee Attributes: High Stakes and Work Conditions" quiz evaluates the attributes required by employees to thrive in high-stakes situations and challenging work conditions. This quiz also examines the fairness and validity of selection processes in accurately identifying successful candidates for a role. Take the quiz to gain insights into your own attributes and understand the importance of equitable procedures in the workplace.

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