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What can cause blistering in asphalt and bitumen layers?

Trapped moisture vapor pressure

Which of the following is true about mastics?

Remain pliable for a number of years

What should be correctly specified and detailed for long term durability of sealants?

Correct gap width, minimum depth, adhesive properties, and surface preparation

Which material is unacceptable for accommodating the movement associated with large structural elements?


What metals are commonly used in buildings according to the text?

Steel, aluminium, copper, lead, and zinc

Which of the following is NOT affected by biological agencies or pollution?


What is a common cause of loss of adhesion in cementitious waterproofing systems?

Poor surface preparation

What can lead to the embrittlement of membrane in factory-produced membranes?

Atmospheric oxidation of the bitumen

What is a common cause of leakage in polymer roofing?

Inadequate bonded joints

What can cause blistering in liquid membranes?

Expansion of entrapped air or moisture by solar heat

What issue arises from cracks causing shrinkage deflection in structural substrate panels?

Loss of adhesion causing a weak undercoat

What is a likely consequence of improper bonding material in cementitious waterproofing systems?

Excessive deformation and stresses in the substrate

What property of bitumen makes it a suitable material for waterproofing?

Adhesive properties

How does asphalt react when exposed to sunlight and heat?

It hardens slowly

What should be incorporated between asphalt and supporting structure in horizontal situations to allow for differential movements?

Insulating layer

To prevent cracking of asphalt due to continuous expansion and contraction, what should be included in vertical applications?

Screed protection

What should be specified to lessen the effect of sunlight and solar heat on asphalt?

Reflective covering with light-colored stone aggregate

How can mastic asphalt be protected from impact damage?

By adding a screed or similar coating

Test your knowledge on the properties of asphalt and bitumen when exposed to heat and light. Learn about their plasticity, waterproofing, adhesive properties, and factors affecting their natural life.

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