Asexual Reproduction in Biology

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What is the color sequence in VIBGYOR?

violet - indigo - blue - green - yellow - orange - red

What happens if a concave lens is placed in front of the retina?

The person would not have clear vision

What genetic composition would result in sickle cell anemia?


What would happen if a dominant genetic trait for a disease was present?

It would appear in all siblings

What is the typical number of genetic compositions possible in offspring?


What does the dispersion property affect in light?

Color separation

What is the consequence of improper filtration by the nephron?

Proteins getting filtered even though they are not waste

What happens if useful substances like proteins are not reabsorbed after filtration by the nephron?

Proteins are lost as waste

In the given electrical circuit, what will happen to the current if the resistance is doubled?

The current will halve

If the voltage in the circuit is increased, what effect will it have on the current?

Current will increase

Why is it important for an ammeter to be used to measure current in a circuit?

To ensure accurate measurement of current

What is the process where an organism grows into separate individuals when cut or broken into pieces?


How does budding lead to the formation of a new individual?

By budding off an outgrowth from the parent organism

Which pair of structures are responsible for carrying gametes to the site of fertilization?

Vas Deferens and Fallopian Tube

In the nervous system, which part receives signals from specific sense organs?


What is a key difference between voluntary and involuntary actions in the nervous system?

The involvement of the brain in processing signals

What distinguishes reflex actions from involuntary actions?

The absence of stimulus requirement

This quiz covers asexual reproduction processes such as regeneration and budding, along with the functions of testes and ovaries in organisms. Test your knowledge on these topics!

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