Aromatic Herbs that Transform Dampness - TCM Quiz

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Which aromatic herb should be avoided in cases of blood deficiency and yin deficiency?

Cao Guo

Which aromatic herb's contraindication includes heat resulting from yin deficiency?

Huo Xiang

Which aromatic herb has a caution against use during pregnancy?

Sha Ren

Which aromatic herb is contraindicated in cases of spontaneous perspiration from exterior deficiency?

Sha Ren

Among the listed aromatic herbs, which one should be avoided in cases of blazing fire from yin deficiency?

Huo Xiang

Test your knowledge of aromatic herbs that transform dampness in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This quiz covers properties, contraindications, and channels entered by herbs like Cang Zhu, Hou Po, Huo Xiang, and more.

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