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Why does Aristotle argue that happiness is the highest good?

Because it is chosen as an end sufficient in itself

According to Aristotle, why do we call people 'good'?

If they perform their function well

What is the distinctive activity of humans according to Aristotle?


How does Aristotle describe the supreme Good?

An activity of the rational soul in accordance with virtue

What aspect of the soul controls our impulses according to Aristotle?

The rational part

How does Aristotle suggest a person can be considered happy?

By being virtuous, rational, and active in life

What is the main focus of political science according to the text?

Studying the highest ends for human life

Why can politics be considered not a precise science?

Because it aims at a rough outline of the Good

What is a common misconception about happiness as stated in the text?

Common people define happiness as sensual pleasure

According to Plato's Theory of Forms, how are all good things considered?

Good in the same way

Why does the text suggest that Plato's Theory of Forms may be flawed?

Due to the diversity in what we consider 'good'

What does the text propose should be our focus instead of abstract concepts like the Form of Good?

Concerning ourselves with practical ends in everyday life

Test your knowledge on Aristotle's views on the highest good and political science. Explore the concept of the supreme Good and how it relates to human life.

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