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What was the main reason for selecting the three imperial ministers, as mentioned in the text?

To solve a coordination problem in ruling the empire

Why was the political hierarchy inevitable in the context discussed?

To ensure communication problems due to geographic distance

What is Mengzi/Mencius's perspective on human nature?

Human nature is inherently good

Which ethical disposition is associated with the feeling of respect, according to Mengzi/Mencius?


How does society contribute to the cultivation of ethical dispositions, according to the text?

By offering an environment conducive to developing dispositions

What is the main analogy used to describe how human nature's goodness functions?

Human nature's goodness is like water's tendency downward

According to the given text, what is the primary role of the true leader or imam?

To combine theoretical wisdom and practical insights to guide people

What is the primary purpose of education according to the given text?

To secure virtue and prevent false religion

What kind of society is considered the best or most virtuous?

A society governed by a true leader or philosopher-ruler

What is the process by which the true leader or imam acquires knowledge and guidance?

Through divine revelation and intellectual transfer from God or the First Intellect

What is the primary characteristic that distinguishes the true leader or imam from others?

Having exceptional intellectual capacities and wisdom

What kind of society is considered an imperfect state, but still acceptable?

A society with a multicultural, multi-religious, and cosmopolitan nature

The Mandate of Heaven can be lost due to:

Natural and social disasters

Mozi was known for being a critic of:


What was Mozi's view on impartiality?

Leads to great benefits for all

What was the primary cause of the chaos described in the state of nature according to the text?

Disagreement over morality

In Mozi's consequentialist view, what is considered beneficial to the world?

Material prosperity

How did Mozi suggest escaping from the state of nature?

By choosing the best person as a leader

Who was referred to as the 'Son of Heaven' in the text?

The most worthy and capable person chosen to lead

'Impartial consequentialism' as discussed in the text refers to:

'If you act impartially, you generate great consequences' belief

'State of nature' in the text refers to a hypothetical scenario where:

Everyone is against everyone with no governing authority

According to Mozi, what does society need to expect in order to receive reciprocation?

Care for and benefit others' parents first

What is the main reason why a state of nature is considered so bad?

People are naturally quarrelsome and selfish, unable to trust each other.

What is the main purpose of the social contract?

To protect people's fundamental rights, including the right to self-defense and life.

What is the main reason for treating everyone as equal in politics?

Because it is a way to secure peace and prevent conflict.

What is the main reason why people are considered equal in the state of nature?

Because everyone is capable of political strategy and outnumbering others.

What is the main condition for the social contract to be valid?

That everyone gives up their right to govern themselves to the sovereign.

What is the only time when rebellion against the sovereign is permitted?

When the sovereign orders aggressive war against a foreign enemy.

According to the passage, what was one of the main criticisms leveled against Gouges by her critics?

That attacking slavery would undermine public order by inciting slave revolts in the Caribbean

What principle does the passage suggest should govern who has the right to influence political decisions and laws?

The principle of all affected interests

According to the passage, what does the right to free speech entail beyond just the formal/legal right?

The ability to actually be heard and have an impact

What does the passage suggest about the relationship between rights and duties?

If you articulate rights, you must also articulate the corresponding duties

According to the passage, what constraint does the "rewriting of the declaration as a declaration for women" endorse?

The constraint of public order established by the law

What does the passage suggest is the justification for granting people the right to participate in shaping the laws that affect them?

That the laws give them duties and therefore they should have the right to help shape those laws

Test your knowledge on the political philosophies of Aristotle and Plato, focusing on hierarchy, division of labor, leadership, education, and the role of religion in society.

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