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What is human resources?

What is the main function of the Human Resources department?

What is the difference between personnel administration and human resource management?

Who is Elton Mayo and what did he reinforce?

What is the criticism of the terminology of 'human resources'?

What motivators in the workplace do human resources deal with?

What does HR planning encompass?

What factors affect Human Resource?

Why do HR directors commonly sit on company executive teams?


Overview of Human Resources

  • Human resources refer to the workforce of an organization, including human capital, skills, and knowledge.
  • The Human Resources department oversees various aspects of employment, such as labor law compliance, recruitment, performance management, and employee benefits administration.
  • HR managers can have various functions in a company, including improving organizational behavior and developing interpersonal skills.
  • The concept of human resource management (HRM) began in the 1920s as personnel administration, which focused mostly on hiring, evaluating, and compensating employees.
  • HRM has since evolved into a more strategic planning process that focuses on making the employment relationship fulfilling for both management and employees.
  • The Father of Human Relations, Elton Mayo, reinforced the importance of employee communications, cooperation, and involvement.
  • The terminology of "human resources" has been criticized for objectifying and commoditizing people; however, heavily unionized nations have adopted and encouraged such approaches.
  • Human resource companies play an important part in developing and making a company or organization successful.
  • Human resources deal with essential motivators in the workplace, such as payroll, benefits, team morale, and workplace harassment.
  • HR planning encompasses the realm of talent management and involves considering HR needs in company goals and strategies.
  • Various factors affecting Human Resource include planning organizational structure, growth, business location, demographic changes, environmental uncertainties, and expansion.
  • HR directors commonly sit on company executive teams because of their planning role.


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