COPY: Are You a Nutritional Expert?

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What is the difference between RNI and RDA?

What is the role of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)?

What does DRV stand for in the context of nutritional requirements?

What is the British government's recommendation for daily fruit and vegetable intake?

What is the guideline salt intake for adults?

Who may need to take vitamin D supplementation?

What is the purpose of Food-Based Dietary Guidelines?

What is the potential risk associated with a high salt diet?

Do the DRV recommendations for protein, vitamins, and minerals vary by age?


Test your knowledge on the EU/UK system of nutritional advice with this quiz! Learn about the Dietary Reference Values (DRV) used by the United Kingdom Department of Health and the European Union's European Food Safety Authority to determine nutritional requirements. This quiz will cover the history and introduction of DRV in the UK, as well as the specific nutrients and energy requirements recommended for a healthy diet. Put your nutritional knowledge to the test!

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