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Which city is known as the birthplace of Bollywood?


What is the meaning of the term 'Bollywood'?

A combination of Bombay and Hollywood

Which language are most Hindi films produced in?


What percentage of Indian net box-office revenue did Hindi cinema represent in 2014?


How many feature films did Indian cinema produce in 2017?


Which of the following is NOT a common element used to define music?


What are the three main divisions of the creation of music?

Musical composition, musical improvisation, and musical performance

In which genre of music do performers often play spontaneously while following a partially defined structure and using characteristic motifs?

Jazz music

What is a cultural universal?

An element or practice that is found in all cultures

Which of the following is NOT a discipline that music extends into?


Test your knowledge of Bollywood with this quiz! From iconic movies and actors to famous songs and directors, see how much you know about India's vibrant film industry.

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