Sangam: 1964 Bollywood Film

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What is the highest-grossing Hindi film of 1964?


What is the profession of Sundar in the Indian military?

Indian Air Force

What award is Sundar given for his bravery?

Param Vir Chakra

What is the location of the dangerous mission assigned to Sundar?


What is the reason Radha's parents did not like Sundar before he enlisted?

The information is not provided in the text

What is the occupation of the main character played by Raj Kapoor in the film Sangam?


Where was the film Sangam primarily shot?

Locations including London, Paris, and Switzerland

What was notable about the film Sangam in terms of its runtime?

It had the longest runtime for an Indian film up to that time

Who wrote the screenplay for the film Sangam?

Inder Raj Anand

What was the reason behind the commercial success of the film Sangam?

Its storyline and characterizations were bold and ahead of its time

Study Notes

Movie Overview

  • Sangam is a 1964 Indian musical romantic drama directed, produced, and edited by Raj Kapoor.
  • The film stars Raj Kapoor, Vyjayanthimala, and Rajendra Kumar in lead roles.


  • Sangam was the first Indian film to be exclusively shot abroad on locations including London, Paris, and Switzerland.
  • It was among the most expensive films of its time with the longest runtime for an Indian film up to that time.


  • The movie tells the story of a pilot who returns home from war after being assumed dead and weds the woman he had long loved, unaware that she had been planning to marry his best friend.
  • The film explores themes of love, loyalty, sacrifice, and the consequences of choices made in relationships.


  • Sangam was a commercial success, grossing ₹8 crore worldwide, ranking as the highest-grossing Hindi film of the year, and the second highest-grossing film of the decade.
  • The film received widespread critical acclaim, with high praise for its novel concept, direction, screenplay, dialogue, soundtrack, costumes, cinematography, and performances of the cast.


  • Sangam is widely regarded as Raj Kapoor's magnum opus and the career-best performances of Kapoor, Vyjayanthimala, and Rajendra Kumar.
  • The film was remade in Telugu and Kannada languages as Swapna (1981) by director Dasari Narayana Rao.

This quiz is about the 1964 Bollywood film Sangam, starring Raj Kapoor, Vyjayanthimala, and Rajendra Kumar. It was a major blockbuster and widely considered as Hindi cinema's greatest love triangle.

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