Architecture Act of 2004 Overview

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What is the composition requirement for an Architecture Corporation?

Which entity refers to detailed planning and design of indoor areas?

What is the main purpose of a Certificate of Registration for architects?

What is the role of a Physical Planner in architecture?

What type of structures does Urban Design primarily focus on?

What does CPD Providers refer to in the context of architecture?

Who is responsible for the total design of the project according to Republic Act no. 9266?

Which term refers to the act of conceiving architectural ideas?

What does the term 'Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization' refer to in the context of architecture?

Which entity does the term 'Board' refer to in the field of architecture?

What type of contract is a 'Service Agreement' in the context of architecture?

According to Republic Act no. 9266, who is responsible and liable for the construction supervision of the project?


Learn about Republic Act no. 9266, also known as the architecture act of 2004, and the key roles within the field of architecture such as Architect of Record, Architect in charge of construction, and Consulting Architect.

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