AQA GCSE Chemistry: Chemical Bonds and Types of Bonding

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Which type of bond involves the sharing of pairs of electrons?


What type of particles are in metallic bonding?

Atoms which share delocalised electrons

In ionic bonding, what do non-metal atoms do?

Gain electrons

Which atoms gain a full outer shell of electrons during ionic bonding?

Non-metals in Group 7

How can the electron transfer in the formation of an ionic compound be represented?

Dot and cross diagram

What type of bond involves atoms sharing one or more pairs of electrons?

Covalent bonding

Which type of structure consists of many atoms covalently bonded in a lattice structure?

Giant covalent structure

In which type of bonding are positive ions and delocalized electrons arranged in a regular pattern?

Metallic bonding

What is the general pattern of electrons in metallic bonding?

Electrons are lost from the atoms to form positive ions

Which type of bond is held together by strong electrostatic forces of attraction between oppositely charged ions?

Ionic bond

Learn about chemical bonds and the types of strong chemical bonds - ionic, covalent, and metallic. Quiz content includes the characteristics and examples of each type of bonding.

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