Application of Geological Knowledge in Engineering and Mining

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What is the main goal of Engineering Geophysics?

Interpreting subsurface geology for civil engineering solutions

Which methods are commonly used in solving civil engineering problems according to the text?

Electrical resistivity methods and seismic reflection methods

What is the other name for Geohydrology as mentioned in the text?


Why is groundwater considered to have advantages over surface water?

Groundwater can be accessed in regions with limited rainfall

What is the focus of Geochemistry?

Studying the distribution of different elements in the earth's crust

Which of the following is NOT considered a common method in Engineering Geophysics?

Magnetic resonance imaging

What is the significance of applying general geological and geophysical studies together for groundwater investigations?

Enhance understanding of groundwater flow patterns and aquifer characteristics

Which aspect does Geophysics primarily focus on?

Crustal movement detection

Where are Electrical resistivity methods and seismic refraction methods commonly applied according to the text?

In solving civil engineering problems

What is the primary purpose of Geohydrology or Hydrogeology discussed in the text?

To study groundwater occurrence and movement

Explore the application of geological knowledge in civil engineering for safe constructions like dams, bridges, and tunnels, as well as in the field of mining. Learn about the importance of geological insights in executing stable and economic constructions.

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