Anti-Oppressive Practice and Indigenous World Views Quiz

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What is the main focus of community intervention?

Improving social service work intervention

What is the key emphasis of Functionalism in community planning?

The actions and functions of mental states

Which perspective is highlighted in discussions about multiculturalism and cultural competence?

Indigenous Perspectives

How does the Anti-Oppressive Approach contribute to community interventions?

By challenging systemic injustices

Which model emphasizes the importance of empowerment in community change?

Empowerment Model

What tool is commonly used for teaching and learning in Indigenous communities?

Medicine wheel

Which of the following is NOT a common theme relevant to community work according to Indigenous perspectives?


What is a key aspect that change agents can learn from Indigenous world views?

Importance of community

In order to support the reclaiming and restoring of Indigenous culture, what action is important?

Recognizing and discussing the impacts of colonization

What belief is tied to concepts of community and the importance of the environment?


What is the main emphasis of multiculturalism in Canada?

Valuing and celebrating ethnic and cultural differences

According to Cross, Bazron, Dennis & Isaacs, what is a key component of cultural competence?

Valuing diversity

What can impede relationship development and sustainability in a multicultural context?

Lack of awareness of cultural differences

What is a key aspect of an anti-oppressive approach?

Acknowledging oppression and power imbalances

Why is it important to develop adaptations to programs and services that resonate with cultural contexts?

To better serve individuals and communities with diverse backgrounds

What is one of the key values associated with the Anti-Oppressive approach?


What is the emphasis of Anti-Oppressive Practice on how things are done?

The process

What are the three major levels that need to be focused on to transform community work?

Theory/Knowledge, Education, Practice

In the context of Anti-Oppressive Practice, what is emphasized as essential for social change to occur?

Collective action

What does the Anti-Oppression perspective refuse to separate in order to always see the interconnections?

Personal from political

What perspective in community planning focuses on the interdependence of all aspects of society to contribute to stability and functioning?

Systems Theory

Which level of system involves personal settings like family, friends, work, and classroom in Systems Theory?


What theory suggests that humans adjust their actions based on social contexts and potential reactions from others?

Social Action Theory

Which larger institution in society falls under the category of Exosystem in Systems Theory?

Religious organizations

In community planning, which perspective emphasizes order, stability, and productivity through the functioning of all levels working together?

Systems Theory

Test your knowledge on using the Circle of Anti-Oppressive Practice and Theory to support answers, learning from Indigenous peoples, beliefs tied to community and environment, and the use of the medicine wheel in teaching and learning.

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