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Angiosperms were formerly called

Flowering plants are plants that bear

The term 'angiosperm' is derived from the Greek words ἀγγεῖον / angeion ('container, vessel') and σπέρμα / sperma ('seed'), meaning that the seeds are enclosed within a

They include all forbs (flowering plants without a woody stem), grasses and grass-like plants, a vast majority of broad-leaved trees, shrubs and vines, and most

Angiosperms are distinguished from the other seed-producing plants, the gymnosperms, by having

Meristematic cells are _________ or incompletely differentiated.

The plastids (chloroplasts or chromoplasts), are undifferentiated, but are present in rudimentary form (proplastids). Meristematic cells are packed closely together _________.

Cells in the meristem can develop into all the other tissues and _________ that occur in plants.

The cells are small, with small vacuoles or none, and protoplasm filling the cell _________.

Meristematic cells are _________ and capable of continued cell division.


Test your knowledge of flowering plants with this quiz! Explore the diverse world of angiosperms, including forbs, grasses, broad-leaved trees, and aquatic plants. Learn about the characteristics and classification of these fascinating plants.

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