Ancient Olympic Athletics History

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What was the only competition held in the first Olympic Games in 776 BC?

During the Middle Ages, what type of people were often involved in athletics contests?

In the Roman Games, what events were preferred over traditional athletics?

In which century did modern events that are familiar in athletics today begin to emerge?

What were the key elements of the first modern Olympic Games held in 1896?

What is the purpose of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)?

How many false starts can a runner make before being disqualified from a race?

In which events must contestants stay in their lanes at all times?

What determines the winner in all races conducted on the track?

What type of surface is typically used to construct a 400m track?


Explore the origin and evolution of athletics in the ancient Olympic Games, starting from the foot race known as the 'stade' to the inclusion of various events over time. Learn about the significance of athletics in the ancient Greek culture and the tradition of holding the games every four years.

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