The Ancient Olympics and Other Athletic Games Quiz

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Which Greek hero is often credited with founding the Olympic games?


What was the ancient Greek combat sport called that combined wrestling, boxing, and kicking?


What role did professional musicians play in ancient Greek athletic games?

They provided entertainment during the games

Who is considered the first recorded victor of the ancient Olympic Games?

Koroibos of Elis

What does the term 'Panhellenic' mean?


What was the purpose of the truce, or ekecheiria, during the Panhellenic festivals?

To provide a common basis for peace among the Greeks

Which event in the Panathenaic games was considered the most prestigious?

Chariot race

What was the prize for the winner of the four-horse chariot race?

Olive oil in an amphora

What did the inscription on the hydria on the left reveal about its origin?

It was awarded at the games held for the goddess Hera in Argos.

What were the standard prizes awarded at the four venues in Greece?

Sacred wreaths

Test your knowledge about the Ancient Olympic Games and discover fascinating facts about this historic sporting event. From the first recorded victor to the significance of Olympia, this quiz will challenge your understanding of this ancient tradition.

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