Ancient Greek Warfare Overview

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In the ancient Greek world, warfare was considered unnecessary by the Greeks.

City militias in ancient Greece were composed of full-time soldiers.

Generals in ancient Greek warfare were not accountable for their actions.

Soldiers in the Archaic period of Greek Warfare were usually unpaid.

Insignia and uniforms were commonly used by soldiers in ancient Greek warfare.

The Spartans were known for their well-trained part-time army.

The mainstay of any Greek army was the archer.

The Spartan army usually consisted of three lochoi.

Cavalry was extensively used in ancient Greece due to the flat terrain.

Units in ancient Greek armies could operate independently without any coordination.


Explore the nature of warfare in ancient Greece, including small skirmishes, city-sieges, large-scale battles, and motives such as territorial expansion, war booty, revenge, and honor. Learn about the rewards and costs of war in the ancient Greek world.

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