Ancient Greek Traveler

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What was the narrator's reaction upon seeing the dense crowd of people in the market place?

Why did the narrator find it surprising to see the road lined with staring people and rooftops thick with them?

What did the narrator observe about the people in Eleusis when he arrived at the edge of the town?

Why did the narrator slow down and pull his pair to a walk as he approached the market place?

What was the significance of the woman standing in the midst of the dense crowd in Eleusis?

What did the narrator find comforting about arriving at Eleusis?

What color was the diadem on the woman's head?

How is the woman described in terms of her role and appearance?

What is the significance of the woman being surrounded by women and no men?

What is the significance of the protagonist getting down from his chariot and leading the horses forward?

What language does the woman speak to the protagonist?

What does the woman suggest is the only journey all men make?

What is implied by the woman's statement, 'There is only one journey'?

What does the protagonist imply by saying, 'We are all her children'?

'High Lady, if your lord's sign calls him, what has that to do with me.' What does this statement reveal about the protagonist's attitude?

'Only the Mother... sits at the hearthstone of the universe and lives forever.' What concept does this statement convey?


Test your knowledge of ancient Greek geography and travel with this quiz about a traveler's journey to the city of Eleusis and the island of Salamis. See how much you know about ancient Greek landscapes and landmarks.

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