Ancient Greek Mythology: The Tale of Atlanta

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What did Atlanta's father decide to do when she was born a girl instead of a boy?

What was Atlanta's response when her father demanded she marry as soon as possible?

What did Hippomenes do to gain Atlanta as a wife?

What was the outcome of the race between Atlanta and Hippomenes?

Why were Atlanta and Hippomenes turned into lions?


  • Atlanta was born to a king, but he was disappointed she was a girl and left her to die in the forest.
  • She was found by hunters and raised as their daughter, becoming an exceptional huntress.
  • Her fame spread and reached her father, who invited her back to the palace to live.
  • The king demanded Atlanta marry, but she had dedicated her life to Goddess Athena and refused.
  • Atlanta proposed a race for her hand in marriage, as she was the fastest human.
  • Hippomenes, who loved Atlanta, asked Aphrodite for help. She gave him three golden apples.
  • Hippomenes raced Atlanta and won by using the apples to distract her.
  • Atlanta married Hippomenes, but their happiness was short-lived as they were turned into lions by Aphrodite for not paying tribute to her kindness.


Test your knowledge of the mythological story of Atlanta, the skilled huntress from ancient Greek mythology who overcame adversity to gain recognition and reconciliation with her father.

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