Ancient Greece: Poets and Heroes

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During which historical period did Homer compose the Iliad and the Odyssey?

What concept emphasizing moral and physical excellence was central in Greek culture?

What was the main focus of Sparta as a Greek city-state?

Which ruler shifted the balance of power during the Persian Wars with a navy?

What form of government involved the direct participation of the people in decision-making in Athens?

What initially formed to counter Persian threats but later became a tool for Athenian dominance?

Which aspect of Athens' history was symbolized by the death of Brasidas?

In ancient Greece, which sacred shrines were believed to reveal the future through priests or priestesses?

Which Greek philosopher and polymath covered various subjects in his works?

What did Plato's 'The Republic' primarily discuss?

Which ancient Greek architectural styles had a global influence?

Who wrote about the Greco-Persian Wars?


Explore the key aspects of ancient Greece's geography, the decline of Mycenaean civilization, and the literary contributions of Homer during the Dark Age. Learn about the significance of Homer's epic poems and the concept of Arete in Greek society.

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