Ancient Greece: Geography, Mycenaean Civilization, Homer, and Arete

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What geographical factor contributed to the formation of independent city-states in Greece?

Mountainous peninsula and islands

What were the primary reasons for the decline of Mycenaean civilization?

Internal conflicts, invasions, and natural disasters

Who composed the epic poems Iliad and Odyssey during the Dark Age of Greece?


What concept, emphasizing moral and physical excellence, was central in Greek culture?


Which formation of foot soldiers with shields is commonly associated with ancient Greek warfare?


Who oversaw significant infrastructure projects in Athens during the Age of Pericles?


What was the significance of the Battle of Aegospotami during the Peloponnesian War?

It marked a decisive Spartan victory

What did the Sicilian Expedition reveal about Athens' naval power?

It highlighted the weaknesses and limitations of Athens' naval supremacy

Which philosopher discussed concepts of justice, governance, and the philosopher-king in 'The Republic'?


What type of conflicts were typically depicted in Greek tragedies?

Conflicts between protagonists and superior forces

In ancient Greece, what were oracles used for?

Revealing the future through priests or priestesses

What did the architecture and sculptures of the Parthenon symbolize in Athens?


Learn about the geography of ancient Greece, the decline of Mycenaean civilization, the works of Homer during the Dark Age, and the concept of Arete emphasizing moral and physical excellence.

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