Ancient Greece Geography and Civilizations Quiz

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What was the name of the site that later became Constantinople and is now Istanbul?


What is the definition of an oligarchy?

Rule by the few

What was the name of the defensive alliance against the Persians that had its main headquarters on the island of Delos?

Delian League

Who was the dominant figure in Athenian politics between 461 and 429 b.c.?


What was the name of the practice used in Athens to protect against ambitious politicians?


What was the name of the highest mountain in Greece?


What body of water formed the eastern border of Greece?

Ionian Sea

Where did the Minoan Civilization flourish?


Who first discovered the fortified site of Mycenae on the Greek mainland?

Heinrich Schliemann

What was the main gathering place in the polis, typically located on a hill?


'Arete' in Greek culture refers to what concept?

Striving for excellence

What type of formation did Hoplites use in battle?

Rectangular formation

Test your knowledge on the geography of ancient Greece, including the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Ionian Seas, as well as the civilizations of Minoan and Mycenaean. Explore the influences of these civilizations on the Greek mainland and the poetry of Homer.

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