Analyzing Text Elements Quiz: Lee Sherman and the Toxic Louisiana Bayou

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What is the central idea of the text?

The resilience of individuals in the face of environmental challenges.

Which statement best describes the author's tone towards Lee Sherman?

Sympathetic and compassionate

How does the author develop his claim about pollution's effects on Lee Sherman?

By providing anecdotes of Lee Sherman's interactions with his environment.

What is the author's purpose in presenting Lee Sherman's story?

To highlight the impact of pollution on individuals and communities.

How does the author use dialogue to support his claims?

Through direct quotes from Lee Sherman expressing his concerns about pollution.

What dangerous chemicals did Sherman work with as a pipefitter at PPG?

Mercury, lead, chromium

What incident led to Sherman narrowly escaping death at PPG?

An explosion due to cold chlorine exposed to extreme heat

How did Sherman's boss save him from a fatal incident at PPG?

Instructed him to leave the plant before an explosion

What action did Sherman's co-workers take to protect themselves at PPG?

Warned each other about dangerous situations

Why does Sherman credit his survival to his co-workers at PPG?

They educated him about chemical dangers

Test your understanding of author's tone, claim, central idea, purpose, organizational structure, development of claim, and use of dialogue in the text 'Lee Sherman and the Toxic Louisiana Bayou' by Dr. Arlie Hochschild. This quiz is designed to assess your analytical skills in evaluating various elements of the author's writing.

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