Analytical and Experimental Research Studies in Health

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What is the main purpose of health research according to the text?

To answer specific questions or solve problems

Which type of research focuses on new discoveries in sub-cellular and molecular basic science like genome studies?

Basic Research

What does Health System Research primarily aim to achieve?

Identify priority problems and design policies for optimal benefit

Which type of research provides information about population behavior that impacts health programs?

Behavioral/Socioeconomic and Cultural Research

What is the main objective of epidemiological research?

To study the natural history and prognosis of diseases

What do observational studies in epidemiology primarily involve?

Allowing nature to take its course without any intervention

Which type of data source is NOT typically used in epidemiologic research?

Social media data

What is the primary function of descriptive studies in epidemiology?

Provide detailed descriptions of disease occurrence in populations

What is the branch of philosophy that deals with moral principles related to right and wrong?


Which branch of statistics is concerned with data related to events like births, deaths, and marriages?

Vital Statistics

Which type of statistics is used to monitor and evaluate health programs using various indicators?

Analytic Statistics in Health System Research

What is the application of statistical techniques that reflects the performance of health facilities?

Service Statistics

What is the definition of a risk factor?

An aspect of personal habits or an environmental exposure associated with increased disease probability

Which of the following is an example of a non-modifiable risk factor?


What do health determinants refer to?

Underlying social, economic, cultural, and environmental factors responsible for health and disease

What does a health indicator represent?

A direct measure reflecting the health status of people in a community

In a research protocol, what is the purpose of operational definitions of variables and terms?

To provide clear and specific meanings for terms used in the study

What does the word 'ethics' refer to?

The set of moral principles

Explore the differences between analytical and experimental research studies in the field of health. Learn about the relationship analysis in health status and other variables, as well as interventions to change disease determinants through treatment.

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