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What is the most common cause of anaemia worldwide?

Iron deficiency anaemia

Which molecule is responsible for blocking ferroportin to reduce intestinal iron absorption?


Where is most of the body's iron stored?


What is the role of transferrin in iron metabolism?

It transports iron in plasma

Which type of anaemia is characterized by hypochromic, microcytic red blood cells?

Iron deficiency anaemia

What happens to excess iron in the body?

It is stored as ferritin mainly in the liver

Which condition can lead to acquired immune hemolytic anemia?

Mechanical heart valve

What does a positive Direct Antiglobulin Test imply?

Immune basis for hemolysis

Which condition is associated with the presence of spherocytes on a blood film?

Cold Auto-antibody

What is the hallmark of intravascular hemolysis?

Red cell fragments 'schistocytes'

Which diagnostic test helps determine if a patient is hemolysing?

Serum haptoglobin

Which condition is associated with warm auto-antibodies?

Auto-immune drugs

Which of the following is a common sign of iron deficiency?

Pallor of the skin

What is the correct management approach for correcting iron deficiency?

IV iron administration if oral iron is well-tolerated

Which of the following is NOT a cause of iron deficiency?

Renal anaemia

What is the main factor leading to defective iron utilization in 'Anaemia of chronic disease'?

Elevated hepcidin in inflammation

Which type of anaemia involves accelerated red cell destruction and compensation by bone marrow?

Haemolytic anaemia

What is the primary role of hepcidin in iron metabolism?

Regulate iron release from macrophages

Test your knowledge on morphological descriptions of different types of anaemia including hypochromic, microcytic, normochromic, normocytic, and macrocytic. Explore concepts related to red cell indices, serum ferritin, reticulocyte count, and investigations involved in diagnosing anaemia.

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