Amino Acid General Structure and Properties Quiz

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What type of molecules are fatty acids based on their amphipathic nature?

Which organelle oxidizes fatty acids to produce ATP?

What is the function of adipose tissue in terms of protection?

Which type of fatty acid configuration involves a double bond in a bent shape?

What is the primary reason that lipids are considered a compact fuel reserve compared to carbohydrates?

Which functional groups are present in all amino acids?

Which amino acids have an asymmetric carbon called the alpha carbon?

At what pH are all amino acids zwitterions?

Where are nonpolar amino acids usually found in proteins?

Which type of amino acids are classified as hydrophilic and can form hydrogen bonds?

How does the charge on electrically charged amino acids change with pH?

Why are most animal fats solid at room temperature?

What is a characteristic of plant fats in terms of physical state at room temperature?

Which type of oils are considered best for health according to the text?

What type of fatty acids are associated with heart disease and cancer according to the text?

What is the main reason plant fats are liquid at room temperature?

What is the difference between a polypeptide and a protein?

How many amino acids are present in oligopeptides?

In what direction is the linear order of amino acids built during translation?

At what point are peptides classified as proteins?

What is the primary structure of a protein?

What is the role of chaperones in protein folding?

How can changes in pH, temperature, and salt concentration affect protein structure?

What is a cofactor in relation to proteins?

How do chaperonins differ from molecular chaperones like Hsp70?

Can a single amino acid change in a protein's primary structure impact its overall structure and function?

How do environmental conditions like pH and temperature impact the folding of proteins?


Test your knowledge on the general structure and properties of amino acids, including the presence of amino and carboxyl groups, asymmetric carbon, optical isomers, and zwitterions at pH 7.

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