Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Cell Interior Structures Quiz

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What is the function of organelles in a cell?

Carry out specialized metabolic tasks

What distinguishes membranous organelles from organelles not surrounded by membranes?

Presence of a unit membrane

Which organelle is responsible for producing ribosomes?


Where are ribosomes found in a cell?

Nucleoli, cytosol, rough ER, and nuclear envelope

What is the function of lysosomes in a cell?

Perform intracellular hydrolytic digestion

What happens to some proteins after passing through the Golgi complex?

They fuse with the plasma membrane

Which organelle is responsible for using molecular oxygen to oxidize organic molecules?


Which organelle is abundant in the liver and kidney and helps breakdown fatty acids into acetyl groups for ATP synthesis in mitochondria?


Which organelle neutralizes free radicals, detoxifies alcohol, drugs, and blood-borne toxins, and breaks down excess peroxide to H2O and O2?


Which organelle resembles lysosomes but contains different enzymes and is not produced by the Golgi complex?


Test your knowledge on the internal structures of a cell, including organelles, cytoskeleton, and inclusions found in the cytoplasm. Identify and understand the functions of key organelles such as nucleus, mitochondria, lysosome, peroxisome, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi complex.

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