Airport Ground Vehicle Safety Quiz

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Where should you display your RAIC?

Left breast pocket

What is the speed limit in baggage make up areas?

10 km/h

What must be turned on at all times when driving airside?

Head lights

Which controlled taxiways can you cross in normal weather conditions?


What do flashing runway edge lights indicate?

Incoming aircraft

When escorting a semi-truck with a 55ft trailer, what should you avoid?

All of the above

What are the white lines typically used for?

Vehicle corridor

True or False: Reversing a vehicle should be avoided whenever possible in the airside environment.


What terminology should be used to indicate that you have exited a runway?


What should you do if your radio fails while on the airfield?

Call OPS

Test your knowledge on airport ground vehicle safety regulations and practices. Questions cover topics such as displaying RAIC, speed limits in baggage make up areas, mandatory equipment while driving airside, and controlled taxiway crossings. Choose the correct answers to earn points.

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