Air Mass Classification Scheme

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What are the two-letter classifications used to describe the general temperature and moisture characteristics of air masses?

Where do the Polar (P) air masses originate?

What type of air masses are denoted by 'cT'?

How are continental air masses modified by daytime heating and cooling?

What are the two criteria for an ideal source region?

What kind of areas are usually considered ideal source regions?

Why are the middle latitudes not considered good source regions?

How do changes in air mass type influence the character of the weather?

What are the characteristics of the mP air mass?

How does precipitation in association with (cP) air compare to mP air?

What happens to mP air masses on the windward side of mountain ranges?

What modification occurs to mP air masses on the lee side of mountains?


Test your knowledge of the classification of air masses based on their source region and general temperature and moisture characteristics. Learn about the two-letter classification scheme for air masses and their origins.

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