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What is the main function of Air Traffic Control (ATC)?

Guiding aircraft in and out of airports

Which type of airline services operate on defined routes based on published timetables?

Scheduled services

Who represents 94% of major carriers worldwide in the airline industry?


What is the responsibility of airlines in charter services?

Operating the aircraft

Which type of airline service does not require adherence to published timetables?

Charter services

What defines the routes on which scheduled flights operate?

$5(7 + 3)$ licenses by the government

Which entity is responsible for selling seats on chartered flights?

$4^2$ Tour operators or intermediaries

In air travel, what does IATA primarily represent?

$30 - 20$ Major carriers worldwide

Which type of airline service may operate flights only during periods of high demand?

$2 \times 5(3 + 1)$ Scheduled services

'Supplementals' is a term used for which type of airline service in the United States?

$4^2$ Charter services

Test your knowledge of common jargons used in the air industry such as Advance Purchase Excursion (APEX) fare, airport codes, back-to-back ticketing, and baggage allowance. See how well you know the terminology used in the aviation sector.

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