Agents and Fuel Sources in Cellular Respiration

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What is the role of Complex IV in the Electron Transport Chain (ETC)?

Producing ATP through oxidative phosphorylation

During starvation, which of the following fuel sources does the liver primarily use to maintain blood glucose levels?

Amino acids

What is the primary product generated by exercising muscle that can be converted to glucose by the liver?


Where does the movement of NADH from the cytoplasm into the mitochondrial matrix occur?


Which pathway involves the conversion of pyruvate to glucose?


What is the main purpose of glycolysis?

Generation of ATP

In which physiological state are ketone bodies primarily produced?


Which of the following amino acids is both ketogenic and glucogenic?


Which enzyme deficiency leads to Von Gierke disease?


Which glycogen storage disease is also known as Cori disease?

Type IIIa

Which compound is derived from the amino acid Tyrosine?


In which tissues is GLUT4 primarily found?

Heart and skeletal muscle

Which enzyme catalyzes the conversion of glucose-6-phosphate to fructose-6-phosphate in glycolysis?


Test your knowledge on agents that interfere with various electron transport chain complexes and different fuel sources preferred by brain cells, cardiac muscle, and adipose cells. Learn about specific situations such as the fuel source preference during starvation.

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