African-American Great Migration History

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Who was the head of the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama?

Booker T. Washington

What promise did Booker T. Washington make to white men in the South?

African-Americans would be peaceful workers

What did the Supreme Court rule in the Plessy v. Ferguson case in 1896?

"Separate was equal"

What did the Supreme Court rule in the Brown v. Board of Education case in 1954?

"Separate was not equal"

What did Jim Crow laws aim to enforce?


What was the name given to the movement of African-Americans from the South to the North?

The Great Migration

What cultural contributions did African-Americans make during the Great Migration?

African-Americans brought their music, art, religion, and literature to the North.

What promise did Booker T. Washington make regarding African-Americans' behavior in the South?

They would be peaceful workers.

During the 10 years after the Civil War, which of the following freedoms could African Americans enjoy?

Owning guns

What concept did the Supreme Court support in the Plessy v. Ferguson case in 1896?

Separate but equal

Which event brought about a change in the Supreme Court's view on segregation?

Brown v. Board of Education case

What did Jim Crow laws primarily aim to promote?

Separation of races

What was one of the reasons for the Great Migration of African-Americans?

Inability to vote in the South

What factor contributed to the violence faced by African-Americans in the North during the Great Migration?

Strikes by white workers demanding higher pay

Which organization advocated for a return to Africa for African-Americans to build a new 'black man's empire'?

Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)

What negative depiction of African-Americans fueled racial tensions and violence in the early 1900s?

'The Birth of a Nation' movie portraying blacks as equals to whites

What marked the decline of the Northern migration of African-Americans in 1929?

Stock market crash and business closures

Learn about the African-American Great Migration which occurred between 1905 and the early 1950s, as black Americans moved from the South to the North seeking better opportunities. Understand the reasons behind this significant demographic shift in American history.

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