Advance Java Unit 1: JFC and AWT

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Which graphical framework is part of the Java Foundation Classes for building portable Java-based graphical user interfaces?


What is the main purpose of Swing components in Java?

To facilitate efficient GUI development

What is the purpose of pluggable look and feel (PL&F) in Swing components?

To provide a consistent look and feel across different operating systems

What distinguishes lightweight Swing components from heavyweight AWT components in terms of appearance?

Heavyweight components have opaque pixels, and lightweight components have transparent pixels.

Which part of the Java Foundation Classes is used to create GUI objects such as buttons, scroll bars, and windows?

Abstract Window Toolkit

What does JFC stand for in the context of Java programming?

Java Foundation Classes

Which of the following statements about Swing components is true?

They are imported through a package called java.swing

What is the main advantage of Swing components over AWT components?

Better support for pluggable look and feel

Which design pattern is mainly followed by Swing components?

Model View Controller (MVC) pattern

What does 'Lightweight' refer to in the context of Swing components?

Ease of creating lighter UI

What is the root of the visual component class hierarchy in JFC?

JComponent class

In what way does Swing provide support for user interface?

Through pluggable look and feel

What allows Swing to plug into other customized implementations and framework for user interfaces?

Modular-based architecture

What does the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern allow in Swing components?

Changes in one component without impacting others

What package are the Swing components imported through?


What does the term 'Manageable' imply in the context of Swing components?

Uniform changes possible without altering application code

Test your knowledge about JFC and AWT in Java. Learn about the Java Foundation Classes, including the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) and Swing.

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