Java Swing GUI Components

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Which part of Swing separates the Model from the View and Controller?


What feature of Swing allows for changing the look-and-feel of a GUI application at run-time?

Pluggable look-and-feel architecture

Why are Swing components considered 'lightweight'?

They are rendered mostly using pure JAVA code

Which Java IDE is recommended as a simple text editor in the provided text?


What is the purpose of setting up the environment variables to point to the correct Java installation directories?

To ensure the proper execution of Java programs on the machine

What is the main purpose of Swing in Java?

To create Java based Front End/GUI Applications

How does Swing relate to AWT in Java?

Swing is an extension of AWT

In what way does Swing API differ from AWT API?

AWT API requires creating GUI components from scratch while Swing API does not.

How does Swing component architecture differ from AWT component architecture?

Swing follows a hierarchical architecture while AWT follows a flat architecture.

What is the key advantage of using Swing in Java over AWT for GUI programming?

Swing enables developers to avoid creating GUI components from scratch.

Learn about Swing in Java, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) toolkit that provides a rich set of widgets and packages for creating sophisticated GUI components for Java applications. Swing is part of the Java Foundation Classes (JFC) and is built on top of the Java AWT toolkit.

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Java Swing GUI Components

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