Advance Java Unit 1: JFC and AWT

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What is JFC in Java?

Java Foundation Classes for building portable Java-based graphical user interfaces

Which set of APIs is included in JFC?

Abstract Window Toolkit, Swing, and Java 2D

What is the purpose of Swing in JFC?

To create window-based applications with efficient graphical user interface development

How do Swing components differ from AWT components?

Swing components are lightweight and contain a pluggable look and feel, while AWT components are heavyweight and have fixed look and feel.

What does PL&F (pluggable look and feel) allow in Swing components?

Application to run with native look and feel on different platforms

What type of pixels do heavyweight AWT components have?

Opaque pixels that are always rectangular

What is a key feature of Swing components?

They are platform independent

What does the abbreviation 'MVC' stand for in the context of Swing components?

Model View Controller

Which package are Swing components imported through?


What is the main advantage of Swing components over AWT components?

Support for pluggable look and feel

What is the relationship between the JComponent class and visual components in JFC?

JComponent class contains functionality for all visual components

What type of architecture does Swing follow?

Loosely coupled architecture

What does AWT stand for?

Abstract Window Toolkit

What is one advantage of Swing components being lightweight?

They allow for lighter UI creation

What is meant by 'pluggable look and feel' in the context of Swing?

The ability to change the visual appearance without changing the internal representation

Which class is the root of visual component class hierarchy in JFC?


Test your knowledge of Java Foundation Classes (JFC) and Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) in this quiz. Learn about the graphical framework for building portable Java-based graphical user interfaces and the set of application program interfaces used by Java programmers to create GUI objects.

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