Adaptive Immunity and Autoimmune Diseases

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What is the term used to describe the damaging aspects of adaptive immunity that imply excessive immunity?

Hypersensitivity reaction

Which type of immunoglobulin is responsible for 'hay fever' allergies?


In what way does inappropriate immunity, such as occurs in allergic responses, cause disease?

By responding to non-harmful substances

Why are IgE immunoglobulins likely to be critical for host defense against parasites?

Because they trigger immune responses against parasites

What type of hypersensitivity is the reaction to a tuberculin test?

Type IV hypersensitivity

What type of immunity involves the key cells known as lymphocytes?

Adaptive immunity

What do T cell receptors bind to?

Small peptides

What are antigens that can provoke an adaptive immune response and bind to antigen receptors termed?


Which cells process the antigen and 'present' it to the lymphocytes in the immune system?


Why does a tuberculin skin test need to be read several days after testing?

To detect delayed hypersensitivity reactions

What term describes the type of immunity that involves the production of immunoglobulin (IgE) responsible for allergic reactions?

Humoral immunity

Why are IgE immunoglobulins likely to be critical for host defense against parasites?

They promote the release of chemicals that attack parasites

What is the impact of a failure of our immune systems to distinguish the self from foreign material?

It leads to autoimmune diseases

How are hypersensitivity reactions classified?

According to the nature of the damaging reaction and its relation to cellular immunity

What type of immunity is the reaction to a tuberculin test?

Cellular immunity

What is the term for substances that can bind to an antibody or T cell receptor and provoke an adaptive immune response?


What is the role of macrophages in the adaptive immune system?

Processing antigens and presenting them to lymphocytes

Which molecule binds a particular antigen in the immune system?


What characteristic must antigens have to provoke an adaptive immune response?

Being part of a larger molecule or chemically coupled to it

What type of immunity are IgE immunoglobulins likely to be involved in?

Humoral immunity

Test your knowledge about the functioning of adaptive immunity, its role in autoimmune diseases, and the concept of hypersensitivity reactions. Explore the critical aspects of immunity and its implications for host defense and disease.

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