ADA Compliance and Gameplay Requirements in Suites

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How many Diamond Balls are required for gameplay?


What does booking 7 guests suggest in terms of suites?

2 suites are required

How many usernames are allowed per suite when registering or using a tablet?


For how many minutes is the average playtime for the Sitting Duck game concept?

4-6 minutes

In which game mode does the Survival concept involve scoring points and health?

Teams-based mode

What is the timing for the last call for food?

30 minutes left

How many arcade style games are available for play?


What happens if there are 7 or 8 players for the game?

Two players will have to sit out each game

What is the main responsibility of the lead booker?

Registering for the game

What is the main focus of the EOD cleaning tasks?

Organizing tables and chairs

Test your knowledge about ADA compliance and gameplay requirements in suites, including seating, challenge holes, wireless keyboard, and Mini PC door. Learn about the number of Diamond Balls in each dispenser, gameplay minimum requirements, and the use of technology. Explore the registration process for tablets, including usernames, guest suggestions for booking suites, and player defaults for game modes.

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