Acids and Bases: Sour vs Bitter Taste

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Why do substances like curd, lemon juice, orange juice, and vinegar taste sour?

They contain natural acids

What is the taste of baking soda as mentioned in the text?


Why do substances that feel soapy on touching and taste bitter are categorized as bases?

Because they have a basic nature

Which indicator is most commonly used to test for acidic or basic substances?


What is the color of litmus in distilled water?

Mauve (purple)

In what form is litmus generally available for testing substances?

As strips of paper (litmus paper)

Study Notes

Acidity and Basicity

  • Substances like curd, lemon juice, orange juice, and vinegar taste sour because they contain acids.
  • Baking soda tastes bitter and soapy.

Identifying Acids and Bases

  • Substances that feel soapy to the touch and taste bitter are categorized as bases.

Testing for Acidity and Basicity

  • Litmus is the most commonly used indicator to test for acidic or basic substances.
  • Litmus is generally available in the form of litmus paper for testing substances.
  • In distilled water, litmus is blue.

Explore the difference in taste between substances with acids like curd, lemon juice, and vinegar versus baking soda. Learn why sour substances have acids while bitter substances like baking soda do not. Discover the chemical nature of acids and the unique properties of baking soda.

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