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PT101 - Lesson 6d

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What are the basic Edit tools for audio clips?

Trim, Selector, and Grabber

Where is the Track View Selector located?

Below the Record, Solo, and Mute buttons

Which view shows MIDI data in clip-sized blocks?

Clips View

What does the Notes view give you access to?

Each individual note

How can you change your views for a track?

By clicking the Track View Selector

In what way is editing MIDI different from editing audio clips?

MIDI has more available editing tools

What does the 'Change Velocity' function do?

Adjusts the velocity of notes in different ways

Which function splits notes based on different criterion?

Select/Split Notes

What does the 'Step Input' function allow?

Recording notes one at a time from a MIDI controller

What does the 'Flatten Performance' option do?

"Renders" a selected area

How does the 'Restore Performance' option differ from 'Flatten Performance'?

It reverts to the original performance state of a selected area

What should you do if you want a MIDI composition to sound more lifelike in terms of amplitude and tonal change?

Raise the velocity before adjusting the volume

Where can you access the Velocity feature in Pro Tools?

Below the Notes view menu item

What does the vertical stalk at the beginning of each note represent in Velocity view?

Velocity value

Which tool in Pro Tools will enable you to select multiple velocity stalks in Velocity view?

Selector tool

What happens when you move the Trim tool close to the top of a velocity stalk in Velocity view?

It changes the velocity value

How can you make the Pencil tool behave like the Grabber tool in Notes view?

By placing it over the middle of a note

What tool is used to select a range of breakpoints to cut, copy, and paste?

Selector tool

What happens when you hold the Option key (Mac) or Alt key (Windows) while using the Pencil tool?

It flips the Pencil tool to become an eraser

Which tool is recommended for working with single breakpoints specifically?

Grabber tool

Which parameter line can be changed by drawing with the Pencil tool in Pro Tools?

Pitch Bend

How can you create a single breakpoint using the Grabber tool?

Click without any existing breakpoints

"Continuous Controllers" in Pro Tools refer to parameters that:

Change continuously over time

What is the purpose of the Trim tool in relation to breakpoints?

To increase/decrease breakpoint values by dragging

Which tool would you use to move an existing breakpoint to a new location?

Grabber tool

What key should you hold while clicking on an existing breakpoint to delete it?

Option key (Mac) or Alt key (Windows)

In Pro Tools, how can you adjust the viewing range in Notes view of a MIDI clip?

By clicking the up or down arrow icons on the Mini Keyboard

In which window can you draw tempo changes using the Pencil tool?

Tempo Editor window

What does MIDI velocity refer to?

The speed at which a MIDI note is played

'Cut Time' in the context of MIDI operations allows you to:

Remove an area from the timeline and shift elements later

How does increasing MIDI velocity affect the sound of a note?

It alters the timbre and amplitude of the note

Which tool in Pro Tools allows you to change the beginning or end of a MIDI note in Notes view?

Trim tool

What happens when you double-click on a note with the Grabber tool in Pro Tools?

The note is deleted

Which key do you hold while clicking on multiple notes to select them in Pro Tools?


How can you vertically zoom in Notes view of a MIDI clip in Pro Tools?

By pressing Command+Shift and Right Bracket key

What happens when you click on a note with the Grabber tool in Pro Tools?

The note is selected and can be dragged to a new location

Learn how to access and adjust velocity for MIDI compositions in Pro Tools to create more natural instrument sounds. Follow the steps provided to locate the Velocity feature on any MIDI or Instrument track.

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