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According to relativism, what do good, bad, right, and wrong depend on?

According to cultural relativism, what are moral rules considered as?

What does an absolutist believe about morality?

What is the main weakness of absolutism, as discussed in the text?

Why might monotheists be described as ethical absolutists?

According to Plato, what did he believe really existed in some way, beyond our normal perceptions of the world?

What does an absolutist mean when they say something is good?

What is the belief of absolute morality?

What is the belief of relative morality?

According to Protagoras, where is goodness located?


Test your knowledge on absolutism and relativism with this quiz! Explore the meanings of these theories, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and understand the types of morality associated with them. Determine which theory is most likely and least likely to always be wrong.

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