A Journey through the Age of Discovery

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During which time period did the Age of Discovery take place?

Which European countries were at the forefront of the European colonisation of the Americas?

What marked an increased adoption of colonialism as a government policy in several European states?

Which country started the European exploration outside the Mediterranean with maritime expeditions to the Canary Islands in 1336?

What important sea route was established by Vasco da Gama in 1498?

Which European countries were part of the Age of Discovery?

What was the main focus of European exploration during the Age of Discovery?

Which European country was the first to establish a sea route to India?

What marked the beginning of European exploration outside the Mediterranean?

What was the overlap between the Age of Discovery and the Age of Sail?


Test your knowledge of the Age of Discovery and European exploration with this quiz! Explore the fascinating period when seafarers from Europe ventured across the globe, colonizing and conquering new territories. Challenge yourself with questions about famous explorers, important discoveries, and the impact of this era on world history.

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