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When you employ a growth mindset, effort is a necessary ingredient if growth and mastery are desired

Current information on brain structure and function may have implications for educators

You are attending a physical therapy class on therapeutic exercises. The teacher shows her slides in front, discusses the significance of each exercise, and allows the students to demonstrate. What kind of input is the teacher providing?

In the context of memory, what does the term "encoding" refer to?

You have a challenging science exam coming up. Which practice strategy is most effective for preparing and performing well on the exam?

A patient who has difficulty recalling recent events or forming new memories after a brain injury is likely experiencing damage to the:

Memory is the basis for learning and includes the following: Declarative memory (long term memory) (procedural, emotional, classical conditioning) and Nondeclarative memory (short term memory) (semantic, episodic)

Selective attention is preserved with aging

As high-structure builders and rule learners tend to learn more efficiently, instructors need to encourage learners to analyze problems and examples for underlying similarities and principles

Which of the following is the correct sequence according to Kolb’s Cycle

It is irrelevant to use personally relevant activities when treating elderly patients

Mild dehydration is acceptable and cannot negatively affect certain aspects of attention and cognitive function

Your client is an aspiring basketball player aiming to improve his free throw shooting. Which practice strategy would likely yield better results?

You are trying to learn the lesson by looking at the notes being presented to you. What lobe of the brain has greater activity?

Use authentic experiences, including role plays, field trips, and simulations (e.g., standardized patients).

To be efficient in spaced practice, study straight for an hour and browse your Instagram feed for 5 hours

Napping benefits memory consolidation

Mixing different subjects or skills during study sessions is a form of spaced practice

High structure builders have difficulty sorting through essential and nonessential information to create frameworks and structures that facilitate learning.

Lobe that contains the primary motor area that enables voluntary control of skeletal muscle

You're studying a complex mathematical concept. Which practice strategy would be most helpful for deep understanding and retention?

A musician who can effortlessly play a complex piece on the piano without consciously thinking about each key press is demonstrating:

Desirable difficulties, challenges, and temporary hurdles result in more limited and diminished learning practice that is retrieval-based, interleaved, spaced, and varied and is much more difficult than reading and rereading class notes and a text

Practice strategies include retrieval, spaced, interleaved, and varied practice

Patient H.M., who had his hippocampus removed, experienced severe anterograde amnesia. What aspect of memory was primarily affected in his case?

Information with any emotional connection will receive higher priority for processing than neutral information.

Allow little time for your elderly patient to process information

Linking learning to something meaningful or using hooks that enhance the emotional charge of the information being presented may increase the likelihood that the learner will attend to the incoming information.

Which type of memory is responsible for storing and recalling general world knowledge, language, and concepts?

You're trying to improve your critical thinking skills. Which practice strategy would be most effective?

You are a physical therapy student attending a lecture. The teacher did not present her slides yet and instead is discussing everything by memory. What lobe of your brain may have greater activity during this time?

Loss of muscle coordination results from damage to the

Your student is studying in the library. You observe that he is discussing back to himself the things that he learned in your class and creating mnemonics for better retention. What strategy is he applying? Not sure of the answer

The midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata are housed in the

A PT student is delivering a presentation to the class. He maintains good eye contact, use clear gestures, and project their voice with enthusiasm. Which types of communication are the student effectively utilizing?

CALMER approach

CALMER approach

Which barrier to communication relates to distractions, such as loud noises, poor reception, or technical glitches?

Communicating in Teams

Communicating in teams

As a teacher, you notice that some students are less participative during discussions. Which communication strategy could help increase student engagement?

Which of the following is a barrier to effective communication that occurs when the message being communicated is too vague or unclear

Your part of a diverse healthcare team working on the care of a patient with a lot of comorbidities. To ensure effective communication and avoid misunderstandings, which strategy should you prioritize?

SEGUE framework

“You said you like dancing. We can incorporate your plan of care with a dance that you like.”

During the internship, the PT student responds to the CI’s questions with confident and well-structured answers. However, the intern avoids making eye contact and frequently taps their foot nervously. What types of communication are evident in this scenario?

During a PTR session with a foreign patient and his family, the patient speaks in a formal and measured tone, while the spouse uses informal language and expressive gestures. What types of communication styles are likely to lead to misunderstandings in this scenario?

Constructive VS Deconstructive Response to conflict

Constructive VS Deconstructive response to conflict Being overly self critical

Two coworkers have differing opinions that have led to a conflict. What communication strategy would be most helpful in resolving this situation?

When communication is hindered due to differences in values, beliefs, norms, or behaviors between individuals from different backgrounds, it is termed as

Restating experience in a few words, as possible or in a new, yet efficient, manner.

Begin with the end in mind

Which of the following is least likely a Motivational hook?

Never, rarely, sometimes, often, always

True about Rubrics:

Alignment is

Has some experience with content and developed some degree of competence, At this point, he can prioritize information & effectively apply the information to a variety of situation.

A biologist who knows more about a particular type of fungus than anyone else on the planet.

Patients generate shopping list, confirm financial resources, & access the store.

Mr. AA with stroke at an outpatient rehabilitation facility preparing for home exercise program.

Used to help learners make progress toward achieving a goal, outcome, or learning objective, and should be a regular part of any learning environment.

Clinical instructor sharing with 2nd year PT students when his own clinical decision making related to a prognosis was completely wrong for a patient with a complex medical history, and how he adjusted with future patients

Visual representation to highlight a given concept and its relationships

Growth mindset

Occurs when a clinician uses past experiences to recognize patterns within a patient’s presentation and then uses those patterns to gather additional information to make informed clinical decisions.

Affective domain:

Involves building a foundational knowledge to make a decision

Scaffolding is

Which is a least likely part of the foundational cognitive skills for critical thinkers

Chunk content & balance & process time

This format refers to a graphic depiction of research results that are presented in a gallery-style format at local, state, and national conferences.

The following are non-negotiable components of systematic effective instruction, except:

In an interprofessional meeting at the hospital, the presenter's slides are cluttered with text, making them hard to read. What issue does this create?

TR has been invited to do an introductory lecture in the DPT program from which she graduated 3 years ago. During the intervening years, she worked in the physical therapy department at a large hospital, became certified as a lymphedema specialist, and conducted extensive patient education programs on this topic. TR has planned a 2-hour class on lymphedema and the role of patient education with small group activities, handouts, a PowerPoint presentation, and photographs that demonstrate the outcomes of effective lymphedema treatment. The class does not go as well as she had planned. Students seem overwhelmed, yet ask very few questions. Written evaluations reveal an appreciation for TR’s expertise, but confusion about what they were supposed to have learned. What was the problem in this situation?

The specific format that you are considering is another factor that may influence your instructional design. The following are types of format, except:

What type of presentation format consists of a brief, formal presentation generally accompanied by PowerPoint slides?

The presenter asked each of the 75 participants to introduce themselves and share why they decided to come to the presentation. The following are potential solutions to this situation:

Even the most carefully designed instructional programs may be hindered by the physical environment in which you are presenting. The key is to get to your room early so that you can modify the set-up to optimize the learning environment.

Sidebar conversations may be a sign of:

During a team presentation, one member dominates the discussion and doesn't allow others to share their insights. What problem does this behavior create?

You are conducting a class with 3rd year PT students. Halfway through the class, you noticed that one student is taking up all the discussion. The following solutions may be implemented:

You and 4 other people are tasked to present a lecture to 1st year physical therapy students about therapeutic interventions. What can you do to avoid redundancy?

When adding the non-negotiables of systematic effective instruction to your presentation, it is not necessary to include all the components. Good teaching requires good planning.

When adding the non-negotiables of systematic effective instruction to your presentation, it is not necessary to include all the components. Good teaching requires good planning.

These are designed for professionals to provide important information to the community and the lay public about physical therapy and the role of the physical therapist and physical therapist assistant in health care:

Keys to developing effective presentations

Keys to developing effective presentation

Keys to developing effective presentation

The 50-person ice breaker


Test your knowledge of memory, learning, and education with questions on growth mindset, brain structure, memory encoding, effective practice strategies, and memory impairment after brain injury.

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