How to identify a drop

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What is the primary role of the department in client termination?

In the Weekly Drop Review, what does the department do after receiving reasons for the potential drop from the secondary or CH?

Which of the following conditions is NOT considered a potential indicator for a drop according to the formula?

Why is it essential to document all decisions and discussions regarding the drop?

What is the final step in the process if the department doesn't see potential in a case?

What is the primary advice when informing the client about potential challenges?

.According to the provided formula, which situation may suggest a potential drop?

After sending a drop request, the phase should be changed to "Closed/Dropping."

If you believe the case should be dropped, you can send a drop request right away.

What is a potential indicator for a drop based on the formula?

What is the first step in identifying a drop?


Test your knowledge of the client termination process by answering questions about the department's role, conditions for potential drop indicators, documentation importance, and client communication advice.

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