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The amount of the nutrients that will maintain a specific biochemical or physiological function in half the people of a given age and gender group.

A set of values for the dietary nutrient intakes of healthy people

The lowest continuing intake of a nutrient that will maintain a specified criterion of adequacy.

Chemical substances obtained from food and used in the body to provide energy

The capacity to do work the energy in food is chemical energy.

The process by which nutrients are broken down to yelled energy or rearranged into body structure

Excess energy or nutrients

Foods that contain physiological active compounds that provide health benefits beyond their nutrient contribution.

Products derived from plants or animals that can be taken to the body to yelled energy and nutrients for the maintenance of life.

The foods and beverage a person eats and drinks

The science of foods and nutrients and other substances they contain.

The amount of the nutrient below which almost all healthy people can be expected over time to experience deficiency symptoms.

The average daily amount of nutrient considered adequate to meet the new nutrient needs a practically all healthy people

Deficient energy or nutrients

Any condition caused by excess or deficiency than rgo nutrient intake

It is a vital component to several wellness and health

It is a broad term for the practical application of nutrition as a preventive corrective treatment of disease.

Who is the theorist of human needs

Sugar and starches are the most efficient sources of energy and are also known as the fuel of life

It is the substance needed for growth maintenance and repair of the body

The she function of fats are the supply energy in transport fat soluble vitamins

It is the essential compounds that are present in food in minute quantities they do act as catalyst and many-body chemical reaction and their necessary for normal metabolic function

Special mention must be made since it is not strictly a nutrient. It is a type of carbohydrate found and vegetable fruits and whole grain which absorbs water.

It is an element constitute only a small portion of the total body weight

It is often called the forgotten nutrients

What is to regulate the body process

It is to provide energy to the body

In macronutrients what are the energy

In micronutrients are the nutrients need to regulate the body

In adult men how many is the energy allowance per day

For adult women how many energy allowance needed per day

It is the label is the nutritional content the serving size and the calories for the recommended serving of a food product

Kwashiorkor is..

Scurvy is...

A condition that develops when the body is deprived of vitamins minerals and other nutrients

Signs and symptoms of kwashiorkor

Nurses can help the patient by..

Too short for his age

Whos overweight

Too thin for his age


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