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The red side of the compass needle points to what direction?

Is there an option to view specific locations through the years?

It's the tool that gives you the point of view of the driver?

Are you able to see business information in Google Maps?

If the information is available, what info can you find?

In Google Maps, are you able to modify the route created from point “x” to point “y”

What is the name of the tool that lets you see the biking streets areas on the map?

What tool lets you see the traffic on the street by showing you colors from green to red?

In case of a residential area, is the information of contact of a house will appear on the location details in google maps?

Once you are on street view, where can you see the street names?


Test your knowledge of Google Maps tools and features with this quiz. Explore questions about compass directions, historical locations, and route customization options.

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