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Which constituency's international students provided the most net impact per resident?

What is the net impact per non-EU student on the UK economy?

What is the benefit of international students to each parliamentary constituency?


International students boost UK economy by £20bn and cost just £4.4bn

  • The cost of international students to UK taxpayers is just £4.4bn, as per a report by Universities UK International, HEPI and Kaplan International Pathways.
  • The net economic impact of each student is around £98,000, with a benefit-to-cost ratio of 9.4.
  • There has been an increase of over £1bn in the cost of hosting international students since 2018/19, largely due to the need to provide public services for both students and dependants.
  • Non-EU students provide the overwhelming majority of net impact on the economy, generating £33.5bn.
  • EU students now make up only one-in-12 international students in the UK, compared to one-in-four before Brexit.
  • The net impact per non-EU student is £96,000, meaning every 11 non-EU students generate £1m of net impact on the UK economy throughout their study period.
  • The net impact of each EU student is around £125,000, meaning every 9 EU students generate the same £1m of net impact during their studies.
  • The report pointed out that there was a benefit of £58m per parliamentary constituency – amounting to roughly £560 per citizen of the UK.
  • Glasgow Central’s international students provided the most net impact per resident at £292m, followed by London’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency at £291m.
  • Changes to rules on dependants and post-study work could be felt heavily, stakeholders warn.
  • Linda Cowan, managing director of Kaplan International Pathways, said that employability skills and careers advice are at the top of international students' list.
  • Tim Bradshaw, chief executive of the Russell Group, urged the UK government to ensure the UK remains an attractive destination for international students.


How much do you know about the economic impact of international students in the UK? Test your knowledge with this quiz and learn about the benefits and costs of hosting international students, the net impact per student, and the constituencies that benefit the most. Discover how changes to dependants and post-study work rules could affect the UK economy and what stakeholders are saying about the future of international student mobility. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the importance of international students to the UK's economy.

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