Understanding Stereotypes and Prejudice Quiz

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What is the definition of a stereotype?

What can lead to prejudice?

What is an example of a stereotype?


  • Every nation in the world is composed of different ethnic groups.
  • The mainstream society sometimes shows intolerance towards different customs, religions, beliefs and traditions that minority groups maintain.
  • This intolerance is usually caused by stereotyping ethnic groups.
  • A stereotype is the over-generalized belief that a certain behaviour or attitude characterizes all members of a group.
  • Stereotypes are learned, generally from family, the media and other people.
  • An example of a stereotype is “Turkish people are known for their hospitality.”
  • Some stereotypes may not be as pleasant as this example and can easily lead to prejudice, which is an unreasonable dislike and distrust of people who are different from the dominant group in terms of their race, gender or religion.


Test your knowledge of stereotypes, prejudice, and their impact on ethnic groups around the world. Explore the origins of stereotypes and how they contribute to intolerance and discrimination. Challenge your understanding of these complex societal issues with this quiz.

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